dog care basics

Knowing dog care basics is the foundation for understanding the life stages of your pet and helps make dog ownership a rewarding experience.

It will greatly improve your dog's quality of life if you have a solid foundation of information about your pets needs.

  • Puppy basics is a great place to start before bringing your dog home, and is a wonderful experience. Educate yourself on your puppy's needs and requirements. With proper health, training, and socialization, your puppy will grow to be a happy, well mannered dog.

  • dog care basics
  • Dog health problems are never desired. Learn the basics of symptom detection and proper daily care. With knowledge of health issues, you'll be able to treat common ailments and know when veterinary care is needed.

  • Dog obedience training is a necessity for any dog. A properly trained and obedient dog is safer, mentally stimulated, and has proper social skills. Learn the basics, and build on them to have a dog that loves to learn with a positive training method.

  • Dog behavior can be a tricky subject to understand. Get the basics on why your pet is behaving in a particular manner, and how to solve it through positive steps.

We all love puppies, and why not? There cute and adorable. With some dog care basics have the puppy of your dreams!
dog crate training
When dog crate training is properly implemented, you'll wonder why there is such a debate over the topic. Some people believe a crate is the same as sentencing an animal to prison, wrong!
puppy house training, information, potty training your puppy
A new puppy equals puppy house training, preferably as soon as possible. It’s our responsibility to ensure your new family member is properly house trained, and know where to go to relieve itself.
Puppy Socialization | Behavior Training
Puppy socialization and its effects on the future behavior and emotional development in a dog simply can't be over emphasized. There is a brief yet crucial window of your puppy's progress when...
How to stop puppy biting and nipping
The first step is to stop your puppy biting from hurting people and inhibit the force of his play-bites. Physical punishments are not called for and seldom work...
Your puppy pictures
Your puppy pictures. Yes..we love them. Ready to show off your super-pooch?
dog health problems | daily symptoms check
Daily exams for dog health problems can help you detect symptoms in your dog, while giving you a point of reference for establishing if something is normal or not.
Dog Mange, information-remedy-treatment
Dog mange is usually suspected when the pet shows signs of itching, scratching, hair loss, irritated skin with redness and sore spots. Mange is caused by an infestation of microscopic mites ...
dog ear inflammation and infections
Dog ear inflammation and infections plague thousands of dogs on a yearly basis. So much so, it's won the dubious honor from the Veterinary Insurance companies as being in the top ten
Dog hives, remedies and information
Canine dog hives is an allergic response resulting in swelling of the eyes or face, bumps on the skin with redness and swelling...
Dealing with dog diarrhea
dog diarrhea all though quite common, can be a sign of underlying health issues.......
winter dog care
Winter time is when your dog needs extra protection from the elements. Winter dog care is essential.
foods harmful to dogs
information on foods harmful to dogs.....
Plants toxic to dogs
Commonly known plants toxic to dogs. This will give you a rough idea on species deemed hazardous or toxic.
dog behavior basics
Want to better understand or manage some dog behavior issues? Many people can remember a dog that kept them awake all night with excessive barking.
Stop your dog jumping up
Jumping up on people is a dog behavior we don't enjoy when a dog has matured, but we praise a puppy for it!
Stop dog leash pulling
I'm sure we've all seen the adverse effects of leash pulling, owner's being dragged around by there dog across the county with reckless abandon.
Dealing with dog digging
How do we stop a dog digging? There is no clear cut answer I'm afraid, but we can help deflect your pets energy into other positive directions. Perhaps it's better to see why a dog digs in the first place.
dog digging. Introducing your dog to his dig pit.
dog digging, and a positive alternative method of prevention
Dog obedience training. How to train an owner.
Dog obedience training is a myth. Why would I say that. Why would I waste my time writting about something I believe as false? Not true at all
Training the sit command to your dog
The Sit command is one of the essential skills every dog should learn, and easily mastered with which you can build on for more advanced training methods.
Training the down command to your dog
Training the down command is quite similar to the training exercise for the sit command. We start with a food lure and as the dogs nose follows the treat, his belly touches the floor
Dog training the stand command.
At first, you may wonder why training the stand command for obedience training is needed at all. My dog stands all the time!...right! well, the stand command compliments the down and sit commands.
Training the stay command to your dog
Training a dog the stay command is not as hard as you may believe. It is just an extended version of a sit, down, or stand command....
Dog training the come command and recall
Dog training the come command or recall may be one of the most frustrating and rewarding periods for you as a trainer. It’s a wonderful mechanism to have in your tool kit of commands.
Training the touch command to your dog
The touch command is probably one of the most underutilized training tools available to us as trainers and owners. Its benefits are gaining our dogs attention and having your dog focus to a target
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barking and blogging about dog care basics
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