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A new puppy equals puppy house training, preferably as soon as possible. It’s our responsibility to ensure your new family member is properly house trained, and know where to go to relieve itself.

It’s not as difficult as it may seem, to stem the flow as per say, we just need to be aware of some guide lines and facts to increase the odds for your puppy’s success.

Knowing the pattern of a puppy's need to eliminate and having a regular schedule for meals and nap times also helps enormously in house breaking. This technique is what I personally use, and is a proven method for even the most impetuous of pups.

House breaking basics:
  • Before you even bring a puppy home, have a spot outdoors designated for the potty area and choose one exit door for the area to keep training consistent.

  • This should be approached with allot of patience, as accidents WILL happen. Always praise and reward for excellent achievement, and avoid punishing the dog for mistakes as it will only under mind our efforts and the dog will “hold off” if you have punished him, relieving himself when you are gone.

  • If you catch your dog eliminating inside the house, quickly and happily take him outside to the appropriate area. Thoroughly clean the area of the mishap with an odor neutralizer. The scent of urine on the floor is not pleasant to us, but for a puppy it’s a marker for the bathroom, so odor removal is critical for success.

  • Utilize a schedule, as every puppy needs a potty break once an hour for every month old plus one. Use this timing schedule to help you detect signs before your dog needs to go potty. After naps is also a prime time for a potty break as is upon arising in the morning and after a meal.

  • Sniffing around the floor, circling and acting fidgety are signals that your dog needs to relieve himself.

  • Our goals in puppy house training can be further solidified with proper crate training technique, as your dog will prefer not to soil his sleeping quarters.

  • Exhilarating play and activity may increase the need for elimination between potty breaks, so keep that in mind.

  • Use a high quality food formulated for puppies and don't change it. Sudden dietary changes can cause intestinal upset and ruin house breaking efforts.

Puppy house training method:

Starting at your puppy’s scheduled time or at any signs he needs to go potty, take your puppy outside to his designated area through the door always intended to be used. Carry your pup or use a leash to arrive, and let your puppy mill around the area. Walk him around in circles and patiently wait for your dog to do his business.

Hold off using a keyword right now or the dog will associate walking around in a circle with “go potty Max”. Once your dog begins to eliminate himself, then you can use a keyword like “good potty Max!” After your dog has finished, enthusiastically praise him like he just won the Nobel Prize for “poop-Dom”, and give him a tasty treat as reward.

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After a triumphant poop/pee, walk your puppy for awhile and have some fun play time together to let him know successfully “going” in his spot is a rewarding experience.

If your dog doesn’t need to evacuate himself at his scheduled time after 10 minutes outside, simply bring him back inside to his crate and try again in 20 minutes or so.

Maintain an accurate schedule, both for meal times as well as puppy house training and during the weekends. Consistency is the key to success in puppy house training.

During night time, set your alarm for the appropriate potty breaks. This may sound tedious, but the gains in house training outweigh the small sacrifice. Soon your puppy will be able to hold himself overnight, and you can both have a full night’s sleep.

Keep to the potty schedule, look for the signs before an accident, and always praise for proper achievement sums up this puppy house training article. Later you dog will signal you in a different way, by going to the designated door. (Now you see why it was important to have one door)

How To Housetrain Your Dog

Check out the second video! especially at the end of it with the bell on the door. I’ve tried it and worked like a charm. Just jingle it before you take your dog out for potty breaks and he’ll soon get the idea especially if you associate your keyword with the jingle like “potty Max!”. It's never to early to start word association as we develop into dog obedience training.

A final comment about choosing a specific keyword for puppy house training association. I taught a friend this method and she understood the entire procedure brilliantly. I was invited over to see her puppy’s progress, only to find her outside behind a bush enthusiastically repeating, “nice sh*t Buddy! “ (Buddy’s the puppy’s name). Her puppy was doing great, still it was kinda funny LOL..

Best wishes from dog care basics

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