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Canine dog hives is an allergic response resulting in swelling of the eyes or face, bumps on the skin with redness and swelling causing itching, or rashes with patches of hair loss.

The causes of the allergic reaction may be in the form of food, inhalants, or something environmental is investigated by eliminating common triggers leaving us with a list of possible candidates.

An abrupt instance of itching with swelling and or redness maybe associated with a hypersensitive allergic response to environmental factors out of our control such as insect bites.

The four major divisions of dog allergies fall into these categories:

Flea allergy dermatitis:

Caused by fleas and other biting insects such as ants, spiders,wasps,ect.

Canine atopy:

Inhaled allergens such as pollens, molds, spores, dust mites.

Food and drugs:

Certain foods or rapid diet changes and drugs such as vaccinations or antibiotics.

Contact allergies:

Allergens coming into direct contact such as certain wood, plants, shampoos, topical ointments.

Determining the root causes that set off your dog's hives is the difficult part. Go through the events prior to the allergic itching rash, swelling or redness will help you nail down the reasons.

dog hives


If possible, determine the cause of the allergic reaction and prevent further exposure in the case of contact allergens.

Thoroughly rinse the dogs coat if new shampoos are suspected. When food allergies are deduced, modify the diet or return to previous food types.

Hives usually respond well to an antihistamine such as Benadryl (consult your veterinarian before using any home medications) 1 mg per pound of body weight taken orally every eight hours.

A natural remedy for itching is blending a strong green tea mixture into the dog's bath water. This also works great for dogs with irritated paws from road salt in winter dog care.

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