How to stop your dog jumping up like a maniac.


Jumping up on people is a dog behavior we don't enjoy when a dog has matured, but we praise a puppy for it! This jumping up is the puppies way of "saying hi", and we often flood him with a wave of affection.

The puppy see's this as proper behavior because of the rewards associated with our act of praise. (the power of positive training methods).

The pup's only demise is that he grows bigger and matures, then the jumping on is discouraged which is hardly fair to the dog. Setting up for success is a more appropriate approach.

We need to realize that a dog jumping up is in search of attention, and that attention seeking reward is what we need to avoid. Yelling at the dog only aggravates our need for a calm "hello", and yelling only means he has won a victory by gaining our attention ...WRONG.

Other methods such as stepping on a dogs rear paws, kneeing in the chest or other harsh means of discipline will only worsen the situation. If a dog associates this response from us during a hello, it may lead to future behavior issues.

How would you respond to "Uncle Jim" if every time he knocks on the door you are greeted with a flying knee? defensive?....aggressive?... there is a better way to set your dog up for success.

As with all things, it's better to train a puppy not to start it then to train a dog with the idea firmly entrenched in it's head, but these methods work either way.

The Stand-off

Positive training methods simply reinforce good behavior and obedience with rewards and eliminate rewards for discouraged behavior.

If you have a dog that goes ballistic, jumping up on you to gain your attention at your arrival home, all attention to the dog should be completely eliminated.

This often becomes a battle of wills, but will work after a few tries. If your dog is going nuttz, ignore him totally. Stand still or turn your back to him and freeze. Don't look at your dog, don't talk to your dog, don't show him any signs that he has gained your attention by his escapades.After awhile, when the dog is sitting or laying still, only then can you reward him. If he insists on jumping up again, repeat the entire process.

Your dog will soon realize that his antics don't produce the desired affects he thought, but their complete opposite. Reward should be a calm "hello" from you with some deserved praise and/or treat, but only once your dog has calmed down. Then simply carry on with your plans without a big fuss.

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The entire family has to be involved with this method as not to throw a wrench into the entire process. Much as we "didn't make a fuss on returning to the crate" in dog crate training, all family members need not make a fuss and bend to the dogs jumping-up attention seeking.

Greeting strangers needs to be addressed as well, and can be accomplished with the help of friends or family members. With your dog comfortably standing beside you on leash, have a friend or family member approach from around the corner.

At the slightest sign of the dog attempting to jump up for a greeting, have your friend immediately turn around and leave. This method may require many attempts, but it will show your dog the same rules apply as before.

Jumping and hyper greetings by the dog result in ignoring him.

Only after the dog can remain on the ground and calm, your friend or family member may reward the pet with a calm "hello" and praise. Try this with a broad spectrum of people to have the dog realize it's the same obedience rules of response or lack of them apply to everyone.

You should have a pet that is not eager to jump up, but to calmly await a new arrival with a well behaved "hello".

Best wishes from dog care basics

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