puppy proofing your palace

dangers to dogs

Puppy proofing your home is akin to having a new toddler in the house.

They are inquisitive, playful, always sniffing and licking at various things to get a feel for there new surroundings.

That being said, caution should be taken before your new dog gets home.

Hazards abound in the house for your pet to find and should be dealt with.

Lets go through a check-list:

  1. electrical cords: remove if not in use or wrap in a protective sleeve such as plastic flexible pipe. Outlets should be covered if not in use.

  2. medications: stored in a safe out of reach cabinet

  3. cleaning products: absolutely out of range for a puppy
  4. chemicals: lawn fertilizers, pesticides, driveway ice melting products, anti-freeze, alcohols

  5. chewing dog
  6. plants: know if your plants are toxic to your pet. Here's a list of toxic plants.

  7. metals: zinc is found in earlier minted penny's . Metals like mercury, and lead based paint chips

  8. poisons: rat killer, insecticides

  9. garbage cans: should have a secure lid

  10. human food: chocolate and all forms of cocoa beans like coffee. For a current list go to foods harmful to dogs

  11. cosmetics: hair dyes, skin-care products, tanning oils

  12. misc: matches, air fresheners, silica, small batteries

Sound like child proofing yet? As you can tell, just about anything and everything a puppy can get into should be examined.

Get down to the pups level and crawl around on the floor(serious) and look for hidden hazards that your puppy may think is found treasure.

Common sense is the best advice here. If you suspect your puppy has ingested something harmful and is showing signs of vomiting, diarrhea, drinking excessive amounts, seizures, lack of appetite, see a Vet!

The ASPCA has an excellent reference section with emergency numbers.

Keep your puppy safe and happy!

Best wishes from dog-care-basics

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